This is only clones without inserts ('empty vectors'). Many other vectors are represented in the repository (try 'search by reference sequence' or 'view collection').

Explanation of Terms

  Clone ID Vector Name Description Cloning Strategy Tag Special MTA Use Restriction  
1 EvNO00025951 pFASTBAC1 GST PP Cpo Transposable baculovirus expression vector for use with Invitrogen Bac-to-Bac system, has polyhedrin promoter, encodes N-terminal GST and Prescission Protease site prior to MCS; amp resistance (gentamicin for recombinant BACmid selection after transposition); standard restriction enyzme or CpoI-based in-frame single-cut directional cloning. multiple cloning site; CpoI enzyme-based directional cloning GST-PP Academic and non-profit labs