Select species for gene insert

Please select desired vector properties
    BAC mutagenesis FRT site for stable integration I-SceI site
    RNA interference RecA mutagenesis Red/RecET mutagenesis
    baculovirus/insect cell transposition blue/white selection cloning vector
    fluorescent marker gene targeting mutagenesis vector
    promoter trap transposon mediated gene disruption two-hybrid
    viral production with tag/fusion/marker
    CpoI enzyme-based directional cloning Creator™ or compatible Gateway® or compatible
    MAGIC mating system PIPE cloning Red recombination
    TOPO Cloning ligation independent cloning (LIC) loxP
    multiple cloning site recombinational cloning restriction enzyme
    MLV helper adeno-associated (AAV) expression adenoviral (Ad) expression
    amphibian expression bacterial expression baculovirus/insect cell expression
    cell-free expression drosophila in vitro and in vivo expression expression in Pichia pastoris
    improves solubility of insert in vitro transcription inducible expression
    lentiviral helper lentiviral infection mammalian expression
    mammalian transduction retroviral vector ssDNA production
    yeast expression yeast shuttle
    acceptor (destination) donor (entry)