Vector: pDONR221

Number of plasmids with this backbone: 28683
Name: pDONR221
Description: Recombinational donor/master vector with M13 F and R primer sites; kanamycin resistance; recombinational cloning.
Type: bacterial plasmid
Form: dsDNA
Size (bp):: 4762
Properties: Gateway, donor (entry), recombinational cloning
Vector Map: pdonr221_pdonrzeo_map.pdf
Vector Sequence: pDONR221_FASTA.txt
Comments: The position of features were determined for the unrecombined (empty) form of the vector, which is described in detail on the Invitrogen website.


Type Name Description Start Position End Position
trxn termination sequence rrnB T2 rrnB T2 transcription termination sequence 295 268
trxn termination sequence rrnB T1 rrnB T1 transcription termination sequence 470 427
primer site M13 forward primer M13 Forward priming site 537 552
recombination site attP1 attP recombination site 1 LOST in recombined (with insert) form 570 801
recombination site attL1 "attL recombination site 1 present in recombined (with insert) form only, position is approximate" 570 801
negative selection marker ccdB "ccdB negative selection gene (death cassette), LOST in recombined (with insert) form" 1502 1197
selectable marker chlR "chloramphenicol resistance gene, LOST in recombined (with insert) form" 2506 1847
recombination site attP2 attP recombination site 2 LOST in recombined (with insert) form 2985 2754
recombination site attL2 "attL recombination site 2 present in recombined (with insert) form only, position is approximate" 2985 2754
primer site M13 reverse primer M13 Reverse priming site 3027 3034
selectable marker kanR kanamycin resistance gene 3156 3965
bacterial origin ColE1 ColE1 (pUC-type) origin of replication 4086 4759


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Invitrogen Commercial


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