Vector: pVALIUM1

Number of plasmids with this backbone: 1
Name: pVALIUM1
Description: Drosophila expression vector for high expression of hairpin insert MCS, loxP, and attB recombination sites. Detailed procedure for smal scale cloning can be found on the TRiP website: Hsp70 promoter with white and ftz intron. AmpR in bacteria; vermilion marker in drosophila. Vector may recombine in bacteria and should be stored as DNA.
Type: bacterial plasmid
Form: dsDNA
Size (bp):: 6742
Properties: drosophila in vitro and in vivo expression
Vector Map: VALIUM1_map_seq.pdf
Vector Sequence: pVALIUM1.txt
Comments: Revised 4/25/2012


Type Name Description Start Position End Position
primer site M13 forward 602 619
primer site T7 618 645
selectable marker vermilion 664 2543
recombination site attB1 2568 2935
recombination site LoxP 2947 2980
enhancer 5xUAS UAS (Upstream Activation Sequence), a short section of the promoter region, to which Gal4 specifically binds to activate gene transcription 2987 3096
recombination site LoxP #2 3103 3136
enhancer 5xUAS #2 3142 3252
promoter Hsp70 3259 3518
primer site pUAST_Forward hsp70(+60)f Recommended for insert verification 3366 3389
MCS - 3519 3625
intron white 3547 3620
intron ftz Involved in DNA binding. Also known as CG2047-PA,Fushi-Tarazu, Ultra-abdominal-like, ftz-PA, fushi tarazu 3669 3815
polyA site SV40 3839 4538
primer site T3 4555 4574
primer site M13 reverse 4592 4612
bacterial operon LacO 4618 4640
bacterial origin ColE1 4980 5662
bacterial selection antibiotic AmpR 5760 6419


Author Name Author Type Creation Date
Norbert Perrimon Academic researcher, vector PI
Jian-Quan Ni Academic researcher, vector creator


PMID Title
18084299 Vector and parameters for targeted transgenic RNA interference in Drosophila melanogaster

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