Vector: pPCR-Script Amp SK(+)

This vector is NOT available from the PlasmID Repository and is provided here only as a reference. Please contact if you have any questions.
Name: pPCR-Script Amp SK(+)
Description: Donor (entry) clone, inducible bacterial expression with lacZ' and lac promoter region. M13 forward, T7, T3 and M13 reverse primers. Ampicillin resistance in bacteria
Type: bacterial plasmid
Form: dsDNA
Size (bp):: 2961
Properties: inducible expression
Vector Map: pPCRScriptAmpSKPlus.bmp
Vector Sequence: pPCR_Script_Amp_SK(+).txt


Type Name Description Start Position End Position
phage origin F1 origin mutation/discrepancy found 71-83, 188-200 3 458
bacterial operon lacZ' 459 599
primer M13 forward 600 616
promoter T7 627 643
primer T3 773 791
primer M13 reverse 811 828
bacterial operon lacP 861 866
bacterial origin pUC ori 1182 1826
bacterial selection antibiotic AmpR 1973 2796


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Stratagene Consortium


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