Vector: pCR-BluntII-TOPO

Number of plasmids with this backbone: 1846
Name: pCR-BluntII-TOPO
Description: TOPO Cloning vector for bacterial expression; kanamycin resistance in bacteria
Type: bacterial plasmid
Form: dsDNA
Size (bp):: 3519
Properties: bacterial expression
Vector Map: pCRBluntIITopo.bmp
Vector Sequence: pCR_BluntII_TOPO.txt
Comments: PCR cloning vector, cloning site between the EcoRI sites (capitalized) as follows: GAATTCgccctt--cDNA INSERT--agggcGAATTC. The vector contains the ccdB gene fused to the C-terminus of the LacZa fragment. Ligation of a blunt-end PCR product disrupts expression of the lacZa-ccdB gene fusion permitting growth of only positive recombinants upon transformation. Cells that contain non-recombinant vector are killed upon plating. Therefore, blue/white screening is not required.


Type Name Description Start Position End Position
promoter lac 95 216
primer site M13 reverse 205 221
promoter LacZ-alpha ORF 217 576
promoter SP6 239 256
MCS MCS Some restriction sites may have been lost during cloning 269 399
TOPO recognition site TOPO Cloning Site 336 337
promoter T7 406 425
primer M13 forward M13 (-20) Forward 433 448
Fusion joint - 577 585
toxin ccdB missing from clones with insert 586 888
bacterial selection antibiotic KanR 1099 2031
selectable marker zeocin 2238 2612
bacterial origin pUC ori 2724 3397


Author Name Author Type Creation Date
Invitrogen Academic researcher, vector creator


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