Vector: pCW45

Number of plasmids with this backbone: 621
Name: pCW45
Description: mammalian expression expression with cppt and CMV and LoxP and IRES and BlastR and WPRE and cPPT #2 and SV40 and AmpR and pBR322 and M13 reverse and T3 and psi and RRE; ampicillin resistance in bacterial, blasticidin resistance in mammalian, carbenicillin resistance in bacterial;
Type: bacterial plasmid
Form: dsDNA
Size (bp):: 7388
Properties: mammalian expression
Vector Map: pCW45-Map.pdf
Vector Sequence: pCW45-DNA Sequence.dat


Type Name Description Start Position End Position
polypurine tract cppt 45 60
promoter CMV 853 922
Cloning Site LoxP 994 1027
ribosome binding site IRES 1282 1844
mammalian antibiotic BlastR 1869 2267
response element WPRE 2284 2811
polypurine tract cPPT #2 2904 2919
viral origin SV40 3366 3464
bacterial selection antibiotic AmpR 3594 4454
bacterial origin pBR322 4609 5228
primer site M13 reverse 5601 5619
primer site T3 5636 5655
packaging signal psi 6200 6244
response element RRE 6754 6987


Author Name Author Type Creation Date
Ed Harlow Academic researcher, vector PI
Wilson Endege Academic researcher, vector creator
John Doench Academic researcher, vector creator


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