Vector: pEpuro

Number of plasmids with this backbone: 1
Name: pEpuro
Description: Eukaryotic expression vector (unknown promoter); amp resistance (puromycin for mammalian selection); restriction enzyme cloning.
Synonyms: pE-puro
Type: bacterial plasmid
Form: dsDNA
Size (bp):: 0
Properties: mammalian expression
Vector Map:
Vector Sequence:


Type Name Description Start Position End Position
selectable marker ampR ampicillin resistance gene 0 0
bacterial origin ori bacterial origin of replication (inferred) 0 0
promoter promoter eukaryotic promoter (inferred from notes on use) 0 0
selectable marker puroR puromycin resistance gene 0 0


Author Name Author Type Creation Date
James DeCaprio Academic researcher, vector PI
Jocelyn Kasper Academic researcher, vector donor


PMID Title
7565733 Role of pRb-related proteins in simian virus 40 large-T-antigen-mediated transformation

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