Vector: pHAGE-CMV-MCS-IRES-ZsGreen

Number of plasmids with this backbone: 1
Description: Lentiviral vector with internal CMV promoter, has IRES-ZsGreen (IRES-fluorescent tag); amp resistance; restriction enzyme cloning.
Synonyms: pHAGE-CMV-IRES-ZsGreen, pHAGE-CMV-MCS-IRES-ZsGreen-W
Type: bacterial plasmid
Form: dsDNA
Size (bp):: 7742
Properties: fluorescent marker, mammalian expression, mammalian transduction, multiple cloning site, retroviral vector, with tag/fusion/marker
Vector Map: pHAGE-CMV-MCS-IZsGreen.pdf
Vector Sequence: pHAGE-CMV-MCS-IZsGreen.txt
Comments: ZsGreen reported to be like GFP but brighter (statement not evaluated by the DNA Resource Core).


Type Name Description Start Position End Position
viral LTR LTR viral long terminal repeat (LTR) 0 0
viral response element RRE rev response element 0 0
intervening sequence ccPu central polypurine track 0 0
promoter CMV pr CMV promoter for mammalian expression 0 0
IRES IRES internal ribosome entry site (IRES) 0 0
fluorescent marker ZsGreen ZsGreen fluorescent coding sequence (reportedly like GFP but brighter) 0 0
bacterial operon LacO LacO fragment 0 0
viral LTR dU3 LTR viral long terminal repeat (LTR) 0 0
intervening sequence 3' flank 3' flanking fragment 0 0
selectable marker ampR ampicillin resistance gene 0 0
bacterial origin ColE1 ori ColE1 origin of replication 0 0
viral origin SV40 ori SV40 origin (and promoter) 0 0
viral response element WPRE WPRE response element 0 0


Author Name Author Type Creation Date
Jeng-Shin Lee Academic Researcher, vector donor and PI


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