Vector: pIRES2 lac smGFP

Number of plasmids with this backbone: 1
Name: pIRES2 lac smGFP
Description: Mammalian expression vector with fluorescent tag (soluble modified GFP, smGFP), CMV promoter, lac promoter; kanamycin resistance (neomycin for mammalian selection); restriction enzyme cloning.
Synonyms: pIRES lac smGFP, pIRES-lac-smGFP, pIRES2-lac-smGFP
Type: bacterial plasmid
Form: dsDNA
Size (bp):: 5544
Properties: bacterial expression, fluorescent marker, mammalian expression, ssDNA production, with tag/fusion/marker
Vector Map: pIRES-lac-smGFP.pdf
Vector Sequence: pIRES-lac-smGFP.txt
Comments: Not clear pIRES2 or pIRES parent vector; clone donor notes smGFP (see PubMed ID 9484447) less toxic than GFP or EGFP in mammalian cells


Type Name Description Start Position End Position
promoter CMV-IE pr CMV immediate early promoter 1 589
IRES IRES internal ribosome entry site (IRES) 667 1250
promoter lac pr lac promoter (prokaryotic expression) 1251 1366
tag smGFP soluble modified GFP 1367 2188
poly-A signal polyA polyadenylation signal sequence 2312 2876
ssDNA origin f1 ori f1 origin for ssDNA production 2470 2910
promoter SV40 pr SV40 early promoter 3209 3405
selectable marker neoR neomycin resistance gene 3440 4234
bacterial origin ColE1 ori ColE1-type origin of replication 4766 5448


Author Name Author Type Creation Date


PMID Title
9484447 Soluble, highly fluorescent variants of green fluorescent protein (GFP) for use in higher plants

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