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pPRIME lentiviral vectors for shRNA (introduction of hairpins via the MAGIC mating-based method)
Use Restriction Academic and non-profit labs

Total number of clones in the collection: 4

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List of clones: Explanation of Terms
  Clone ID Clone Type Species Specific ID Gene Symbol Keywords Gene Name Reference Sequence Mutation/ Discrepancy Insert Format Vector Selection Markers  
1 EvNO00017254 No insert               pPRIME-TET-GFP-recipient bacterial: ampicillin
2 EvNO00017257 No insert               pPRIME-CMV-dsRed-recipient bacterial: ampicillin
3 EvNO00017259 No insert               pPRIME-CMV-LNGFR-recipient bacterial: ampicillin
4 EvNO00017260 No insert               pPRIME-TREX-GFP-recipient bacterial: ampicillin

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