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Clone ID:EvNO00061624
Is Verified:U
Source:Mekalanos lab
Description:Vector that accepts insert for gene targeting approach in bacteria; amp, streptomycin (tetracycline? See map); restriction enzyme cloning.
Type:No insert
Verification Method:
Distribution:Academic and non-profit labs
Special MTA:

Related Identifiers:

SYNONYM GP704 in BW19851
Original Clone ID pGP704
SYNONYM Mekalanos Strain C1

Sequencing Information:

Phred Score: 818
Date: 2016-01-29

Last Passing Sequencing Read:


Vector Information:

Vector Name:pGP704
Type:bacterial plasmid
Description:Vector that accepts insert for gene targeting approach in bacteria; ampicillin, streptomycin (tetracycline? See map); restriction enzyme cloning.
Properties:bacterial expression, gene targeting
Size (bp):3705

Host Information:

Host Strain Is Used In Distribution Description
BW19851 Y E. coli host strain BW19851

Antibiotic Selections:

Host Type Marker
bacterial ampicillin
bacterial streptomycin

Recommended Growth Condition:

Host Type Selection Condition Growth Condition Comments
bacterial 100 ug/mL ampicillin Growth with the single antibiotic in LB at 37 degrees is recommended. Commonly used conditions for ampicillin resistant plasmid clones.


Author Name Author Type
John Mekalanos Academic researcher, clone PI
Su Chiang Academic researcher, clone donor


PMID Title
2836362 A novel suicide vector and its use in construction of insertion mutations: osmoregulation of outer membrane proteins and virulence determinants in Vibrio cholerae requires toxR
728998 Trans-complementation-dependent replication of a low molecular weight origin fragment from plasmid R6K